I’ve been making granola for a few years after discovering the handmade kind is truly delicious! I thought I’d try a little ‘granola project’ and see if people would buy it. And they did!

The ‘mostly organic’ ingredients are no secret. The mixture is not designed to be low fat or low calorie, just high nutrition and taste.

Oats; humble oats are filling, high in fiber and actually help lower cholesterol.
Nuts and seeds; more fiber and healthy oils.
Coconut oil and coconut; immune building, anti-fungal, antibacterial… The benefits are endless!
Honey; local honey is used, to help increase resistance to local pollen and hayfever issues
Raw cacao powder; king of chocolates, with the highest antioxidant value.
Cinnamon; more antioxidants and an anti-inflammatory.
Preservative free, mostly organic dried fruit; why include chemicals that can be avoided!

If you are interested in trying some, email [email protected]

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